We receive many positive reviews but here are a few recent ones:


Chris, Arlington, TX

Henry, I just wanted to send a thank you for your crew’s hard work and professionalism! I apologize for the continued problems; they were out of my hand, but on me nonetheless. I wanted to compliment your workers; they were fast, efficient and understanding. I don’t think I could have had the calm they had. Please thank them again for their work. I will definitely tell everyone to call you guys when they need movers!Add more info about the service.

Debbie R. Dallas

This note is a long time in coming but “better late than never”. We want you to know that our move from the Houston as close to the perfect move as can be. We have moved before, but this time, Dave and I, as retired folks, were on our own. My expectations were not high since we tried to make the move as inexpensive as possible. This move turned out to be the best move we have ever had!

Reg D. Arlington

I wanted to take a moment and pass on my sincere gratitude for such an exceptional move recently completed by members of your team. Having been in the military for four postings at this point, my family and I were hugely delighted at both the professionalism and work ethic of both the load and pack teams during my move. While it is far easier to submit negative criticisms, particularly for me, it has to be made known what an outstanding job your employees are doing. I am, unfortunately, completely terrible remembering names.

As alluded to above, your two teams were a delight to work beside. They worked hard and fast enough to easily pack and load our house in a reasonable time, however they also took time to ask us (my wife and I) what plans we had for some of the more delicate items. Both teams were simply fantastic and really demonstrated a sincere care for our furniture and goods.

Samuel C. Dallas

When I spoke with Lisa yesterday, she said Steve, the driver was great. We received a text message and didn’t recognize the number…anyway it was Mike, our driver for the Dallas shipment thanking us for the cold bottled water (a very hot day) and the cookies for Mike and his co-workers. What a team!

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